Space Engineers | How to Install Torch plugins

Plugins are software components that add features to your server, much like a mod.

Unlike mods, however, plugins do not have a whitelist and only run on the server, not on the client.

This allows plugins to do many things mods cannot do, but also allows them to compromise your system, which is why all plugins uploaded to the torch website are reviewed before they get added. Make sure the source of any plugin not on the torch website can be trusted before installing them. You can find available plugins here:

You are expected to have already installed torch:

Both Concealment, Essentials and profiler are available for install directly from the Pingperfect control panel inside the mod manager.

Part 1: Locate and Download Plugin

1. Find a plugin you would like to install at
2. In this example we will use performance tweaker. Once you've gone to performance tweakers page copy their link as such:
3. Extract the GUID from the plugin link. The GUID is the set of letters and numbers AFTER the item/
   In this case our GUID is: f9470106-fad3-468f-ad60-82371c4764d3
4. Head to the download page (next to description button on the website) and download the plugin to your computer. Place it somewhere easy to access later like the desktop.

Part 2: Install Plugin

1. Ensure your Pingperfect server is turned off and then navigate to your control panel.
2. Select "Configuration files" and open "Torch.cfg"
3. Find

<guid>ENTER GUID HERE</guid>
</Plugins". (If the guid tags are not present you can enter them. Each plugin gets there own guid tag similar to mods.

4. Replace ENTER GUID HERE with the guid we obtained earlier.
5. Press the save button.
6. Go back to the main page of your game panel and select the button named "File Manager"
7. Navigate to the "Plugins" folder and upload the plugin we downloaded earlier.
8. Back on the main page of your game panel restart your server.
9. Shut down your server after confirming the plugin is operational.
10. Select the button named "File Manager" and navigate to the Instances folder to find the config file. It will commonly be named after your plugin. In our examples case "PerformanceTweaker.cfg"
11. Adjust the settings of your new plugin to what you like by clicking the pencil icon. Upon completion start your server and you are done.

You can also complete step 7 via FTP, a guide can be found here

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