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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Counter Strike 1.6 Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Configuration Editor' option next to 'cstrike\server.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Configuration settings below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

General Configuration

Hostname:    CS Server    //Server name, exactly as it will be displayed in the in-game server browser

RCon Password:    //The password used to sign into RCON and then send console commands.

Private Password:    //The password used to connect to the server. This password is not required for public servers.

Server Logging

Enabled    //Enable or disable logging.

Log detail:    Log enemy attacks    //Sets the level of detail for logging attacks.

Log detail:    Log teammate attacks    //Sets the level of detail for logging attacks.

Log messages    //Enable or disable logging conversations

Server Variables

Time limit:    30    //Sets the time in minutes between map changes.

Auto kick    //If enabled, the server will automatically kick team killers and idle players.

Auto team balance    //If enabled, the server will always make sure that teams are balanced and that there is no advantaged team.

C4 timer:    30    //Specifies, in seconds, after how much time the C4 bomb will blow up.

Allow flashlight    //Let's you allow or disallow the use of the flashlight by pressing the F button.

Enable footsteps    //Enable or disable footstep sounds.

Chase cam:    //Observer can spectate anyone in any mode, Observer can only spectate his own team OR Observer can't spectate anyone and he'll only see his dead body

Freeze time:    4    //Specifies the freeze time at beginning of round, in seconds.

Friendly fire    //Enable or disable friendly fire (teammates cause damage to other teammates).

Hostage penalty:    2    //Specifies how many hostages can be killed before players are kicked from the server. 0 allows players to kill an unlimited number of hostages.

Limit teams:    2    //Sets how many players a team can have over the opposite team.

Round time:    5    //Duration of each round in minutes.

Punish teamkill    //Kill a player next round if he Teamkilled someone.

Restart round:    0    //The game is restarted after this number of seconds.

Max speed:    320    //sets the maximum player speed for all clients.

Allow HLTV proxy servers    //Allow HLTV proxy servers to connect to your server.

Allow spectators    //Allow or disallow spectators on this server.

Start money:    2,400    //The amount of money each player starts with.

Chat time:    0    //Time between end of map and mapchange.

Allow upload    //Allow or disallow tags to be uploaded

Enable voice    //Set whether clients can use voice chat on your server.

Talk between teams    //Allow or disallow talking between teams.

Pausable    //Allow the game to be paused.

Decal frequency:    60    //Sets how frequently players can display their logo.

Fall damage    //Enable or disable the damage when a player falls.

Cheat and Fun Modes

Aim    //Activate or deactivate the aim

Allow cheats    //Allow or disallow cheats.


Max rate:    10,000    //Sets the maximum data rate allowed on a server.

Min rate:    400    //Sets the minimum data rate allowed on a server.

Contact & Geo

Contact:    //Contact e-mail for this server.

Region:    //The region where this server is located.


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