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The options below can be added to your commandline (by selecting editable commandline and typing in the parameters) to customise your Ancestors Legacy server.


  • Teamsize    3

Sets team size (eg. 2 means match will be 2v2)

  • Game Type

PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Player vs Environment)

  • Game Mode

Annihilation or Domination 

  • AI Difficulty

Easy, Medium, Hard or Insane

  • Server Password

Server password, when set, will need to be entered by any player who wants to join the server

  • Spectators

Disable spectators or Enable spectators

  • Spectator Chat

Do not allow spectators to talk or Enable spectator chat

  • Match time limit    0

Self explanatory, changing this changes the Match time limit on the server

  • Heroes 

Enable heroes or disable heroes


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