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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Dino D-Day Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text Editor' option next to 'dinodday\cfg\server.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Example Configuration below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

// set the name for your gameserver

hostname "DinoDDay Server"

// set the remote console password, use something secure here!

rcon_password "j61m8"

// if you want to keep your server private, you can use a password

// that is needed to connect!

sv_password ""

// max framerate the server should be running with

// "0" means maximum possible, any other value will be the limit

fps_max "300"

// Collect CPU usage stats?

// 1 = enable / 0 = disable

// NOTE: keep it disabled for better performance

// unless you really need it!

sv_stats "0"

// is this a LAN server?

sv_lan "0"

// can dead players text chat with alive?

sv_allchat "1"

// can both teams speak with each other?

sv_alltalk "0"

// general network settings, hands off if you have no clue!

sv_maxcmdrate "67"

sv_maxrate "60000"

sv_maxupdaterate "67"

sv_mincmdrate "40"

sv_minrate "15000"

sv_minupdaterate "40"

sv_client_cmdrate_difference "27"

sv_client_predict "1"

// allow/disallow players using the "wait" command,

// generally it's safer to disallow it to prevent people

// from scripting multiple actions and binding them to a key

// which can be used to exploit some game features!

// allow = "1" / disallow = "0"

sv_allow_wait_command "0"

// Force server side preloading?

// 1 = enable / 0 = disable

sv_forcepreload "1"

// Put the server into extremely low CPU usage mode when no clients connected?

sv_hibernate_when_empty "1"

// set your servers region, review

// http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sv_region

// for proper settings!

sv_region "255"

// set you contact email address or website here

sv_contact "Admin@Pingperfect.com"

// link you webspace for fast downloading of custom content to the server!

// the folder structure within the used folder has to be like the structure

// of the "dinodday"-folder!

sv_downloadurl "http://www.yourdomain.com/folder_containing_customcontent/"

// use auto-team-switching after each round?

// 1 = enable / 0 = disable

sv_auto_team_switch "0"

// enable/disable auto balancing when the teams are uneven

// 1 = enable / 0 = disable

sv_autobalance "1"

// balance bots when the teams are uneven?

// 1 = enable / 0 = disable

sv_autobalance_bots "0"

// how many players can one team have less than the other?

// once the limit is reached, the server will block joining

// the team that already has this amount of more players!

// the value "0" will disable that check

mp_limitteams "2"

// allow class "Random" to be chosen?

mp_allowrandomclass "1"

// allow team "Spectators" to be chosen?

mp_allowspectators "1"

// here you can limit the maximum amount of players per

// class, "blue" is Allies, "red" is "Axis"

// "-1" means no class limit, "0" means class disabled,

// any other value is the actual player limit per class!

// NOTE: red_class8 & red_class9 are UNUSED currently!

mp_limit_blue_class1 "-1"

mp_limit_blue_class2 "-1"

mp_limit_blue_class3 "-1

mp_limit_blue_class4 "-1"

mp_limit_blue_class5 "-1"

mp_limit_blue_class6 "-1"

mp_limit_blue_class7 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class1 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class2 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class3 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class4 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class5 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class6 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class7 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class8 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class9 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class10 "-1"

mp_limit_red_class11 "-1"

// how many players are needed to capture the Hill?

ddd_capturers "1"

// how many rounds to play until mapchange?

// set to "0" to disable round count based map changing

ddd_mp_winlimit "3"

// the team that first reaches that many frags

// wins the round

ddd_dm_frags "50"

// general per-map-timelimit in minutes

// "0" means "no timelimit"

mp_timelimit "0"

// time in seconds before the game starts when the map

// just changed, something like a "warm-up" to give

// connecting players the chance to enter before the

// game actually starts

ddd_player_waittime "30"

// time in seconds after that the capturing team wins

// the round if the "hill" isn't recaptured by the other team

koth_timelimit "180"

// time in seconds players have to wait until they respawn

// after death

mp_respawn_timer "15"

// how long (in seconds) does the game wait until the player

// that was chosen to spawn as the special Dino (T-Rex etc.)?

ddd_bigdinosaur_spawn_wait "10"

// how many satchel charges can be available at the same time?

ddd_satchel_limit "5"

// how long (in seconds) does it take to fuse a satchel charge?

ddd_satchel_timer "12"

// how long (in seconds) does it take to defuse a planted satchel charge?

ddd_satchel_defuse_time_human "4"

ddd_satchel_defuse_time_dino "6"

// how long (in seconds) does it take for items (healthkits etc.) to respawn?

sv_ddd_item_respawn_time "30"

// how long (in seconds) does it take for weapons (stachel charges etc.) to respawn?

sv_ddd_weapon_respawn_time "20"

// How many T-Rex do you want to spawn on dm_*_trex maps?

sv_trex_spawn_count "1"




// time in seconds the Raptor's pounce attack needs to recharge

sv_pounce_recharge "5"

// time in seconds the German sniper's Pterodactyl attack needs to recharge

sv_pterosaur_recharge "10"

// time in seconds after that the next Pterodactyl attack is available

ddd_pterosaur_wait "10"

// amount of Spencer's artillery strikes that can be used

sv_artillery_strikes_allowed "1"

// time in seconds after the next artillery strike is available

sv_artillery_timer "20"

// time in seconds after that the called artillery strike starts

sv_artillery_wait "10"

// how many kills are needed to have Hardgrave's Berserk mode available?

sv_berserk_kills "3"

// how long (in seconds) will the Berserk mode last?

sv_berserk_duration "14"

// how long (in seconds) is Camille Brun's / Wolfgang von Graff's

// healing feature lasting?

sv_heal_duration "15"

// how long (in seconds) does the healing feature need to recharge?

sv_heal_recharge "30"

// how long (in seconds) does the Microraptor's spit attack need to recharge?

sv_microraptor_spit_recharge "3"



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