Just Cause 2 Multiplayer (JC2) | Server Configuration

It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Just Cause 2 Multiplayer (JC2) Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text Editor' option next to 'config.lua'
  3. Refer to the Example Configuration below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

-- Welcome to the JC2-MP server configuration file!




Server-related options.


Server =


    -- The maximum number of players that can be on the server at any 

    -- given time. Make sure your connection and server can handle it!

    -- Default value: 5000

    MaxPlayers                  = 1,

    -- Used to control what IP this server binds to. Unless you're a dedicated

    -- game host, you don't need to worry about this.

    -- Default value: ""

    BindIP                      = "",

    -- The port the server uses. 

    -- Default value: 7777

    BindPort                    = 7777,

    -- The time before a player is timed out after temporarily losing 

    -- connection, or crashing without properly disconnecting.

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 10000

    Timeout                     = 10000,


    -- The name of the server, as seen by players and the server browser.

    -- Default value: "JC2-MP Server"

    Name                        = "JC2 Server",

    -- The server description, as seen by players and the server browser.

    -- Default value: "No description available"

    Description                 = "Welcome to another Pingperfect.com game server",

    -- The server password.

    -- Default value: ""

    Password                    = "ServerPassword",


    -- Controls whether the server announces its presence to the master server 

    -- and therefore to the server browser.

    -- Default value: true

    Announce                    = true,


    -- Controls how often synchronization packets are broadcast by the server

    -- in milliseconds

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 180

    SyncUpdate                  = 180,


    -- CAUTION: Setting this variable to true unlocks a number of potentially

    -- unsafe operations, which include:

    --  * Native Lua packages (.dll, .so)

    --  * Execution of Lua from arbitrary paths (Access to loadfile/dofile)

    --  * Unbound io functions, allowing for access to the entire file-system

    -- Default value: false

    IKnowWhatImDoing            = false






Sync rate options. These values control how often synchronization 

packets are sent by the clients, in milliseconds. This lets you

control how frequent the sync comes in, which may result in a 

smoother or less laggy experience


SyncRates =


    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 75

    Vehicle                     = 75,

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 120

    OnFoot                      = 120,

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 1000

    Passenger                   = 1000,

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 250

    MountedGun                  = 250,

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 350

    StuntPosition               = 350






Streamer-related options. The streamer is responsible for controlling the 

visibility of objects (including players and vehicles) for other players. 


What this means is that if you want to extend the distance at which objects

remain visible for players, you need to change the StreamDistance.


Streamer =


    -- The default distance before objects are streamed out.

    -- Default value (in metres): 500

    StreamDistance              = 500






Vehicle-related options.


Vehicle =


    -- The number of seconds required for a vehicle to respawn after 

    -- vehicle death.

    -- Default value (in seconds): 10

    -- For instant respawn: 0

    -- For no respawning: nil

    DeathRespawnTime            = 10,

    -- Controls whether to remove the vehicle if respawning is turned off,

    -- and the vehicle dies.

    -- Default value: false

    DeathRemove                 = false,


    -- The number of seconds required for a vehicle to respawn after it is

    -- left unoccupied.

    -- Default value (in seconds): 45

    -- For instant respawn: 0

    -- For no respawning: nil

    UnoccupiedRespawnTime       = 45,

    -- Controls whether to remove the vehicle if respawning is turned off,

    -- and the vehicle is left unoccupied.

    -- Default value: false

    UnoccupiedRemove            = false,






Player-related options.


Player =


    -- The default spawn position for players. If you do not use a script

    -- to handle spawns, such as the freeroam script, then this spawn position

    -- will be used.

    -- Default value: Vector3( -6550, 209, -3290 )

    SpawnPosition               = Vector3( -6550, 209, -3290 )






Lua module-related options.


Module =



    To prevent a large number of errors building up, modules are automatically

    unloaded after a certain number of errors in a given timespan. Each error

    adds to a counter, which is decremented if there has not been an error

    in a certain amount of time.


    This allows you to adjust the number of errors before the module is unloaded,

    as well as the time since the last error for the counter to be decremented.



    -- The maximum number of errors before a module is unloaded.

    -- Default value: 5

    MaxErrorCount               = 5,

    -- The time from the last error necessary for the error counter to be decremented.

    -- Default value (in milliseconds): 500

    ErrorDecrementTime          = 500,

    -- Controls whether autorun scripts (as controlled by IKnowWhatImDoing) should be

    -- sent to clients for empty modules. Don't turn this on unless you're willing to

    -- accept the bandwidth hit and know what you're doing!

    -- Default value: false

    SendAutorunWhenEmpty        = false






Default settings for worlds.


World =


    -- The default time of day at world creation.

    -- Default value (in hours): 0.0

    Time                        = 0.0,


    -- The increment added to the time of day each second.

    -- Default value (in minutes): 1

    TimeStep                    = 1,


    -- The default weather severity at world creation.

    -- Default value: 0

    WeatherSeverity             = 0




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