ARMA 3 | How to Install Mods (Steam Workshop)

Adding mods to Arma 3:

Adding mods such as Epoch and Exile can be done easily via our mod manager, to do this simply log on to control panel, locate mod manager and click install on the mod you would like to install.

To add mods such as CBA and Urban Rappelling follow the steps listed bellow.

1. Download your mods via the Download Mods button in the gamepanel by entering the steam workshop id, for example is CBA_A3 you would enter 450814997 into the mod installer

2. open file manager in your game panel and navigate to the @modid folder you just downloaded (in this example it would be @450814997) then go to the keys folder download the bikey file to your pc rename the @modid folder to the name of the bikey, for example if the bikey is called CBA_1.3.122334.bikey you would rename @450814997 to @CBA (you only take everything before the _ in the key name)

3. Upload the bikey you downloaded to the keys folder in the root of your server (There should already be an A3.bikey in this location)

4. Then go to the control panel and locate command line manager, and click custom command line from here do the following steps

5. name the the custom command line, it does not matter what you call it.

6. tick the box that says cfg and ensure it has CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg in the text box. (If you are using Exile or another base mode, the config file may have a different name, you can make sure its correct by looking at the predefined commandline)

7. leave the -Servermod= box blank and un-ticked. (This is for advanced mods, if your predefined commandline has anything next to this make sure you copy the settings in exactly)

8. Tick profiles and ensure it has profiles\ in the text box

9. Tick -mod= and add each mod, ensure each mod start with @ and ends with ; EG Advanced @cba;@tfar;@Advanced_sling_loading;      These are the folders you renamed

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