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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Starmade Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text Editor' option next to 'server.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Example Configuration below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

WORLD = world0 //set world to use (set 'old' for using the old world). if no world exists a new one will be set automatically

PROTECT_STARTING_SECTOR = false //Protects the starting sector

ENABLE_SIMULATION = true //Universe AI simulation

CONCURRENT_SIMULATION = 64 //How many simulation groups may be in the universe simultaneously (performance)

ENEMY_SPAWNING = true //Enables enemy spawning

SECTOR_SIZE = 2000 //Sets the size of sectors in the universe **WARNING** scaling the size of an existing universe down may cause issues

BLUEPRINT_DEFAULT_PRIVATE = true //If true, set blueprints private as default (else they are public)

FLOATING_ITEM_LIFETIME_SECS = 240 //How much seconds items floating in space should be alive

SIMULATION_SPAWN_DELAY = 420 //How much seconds between simulation spawn ticks

SIMULATION_TRADING_FILLS_SHOPS = true //Trading guild will deliver stock to shops

SECTOR_INACTIVE_TIMEOUT = 20 //Time in secs after which sectors go inactive (-1 = off)

SECTOR_INACTIVE_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT = 10 //Time in secs after which inactive sectors are completely removed from memory (-1 = off)

USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION = true //allow authentication


PROTECTED_NAMES_BY_ACCOUNT = 10 //How many player names a player may protect with his account (if exceeded, the player name, that was logged in the longest time ago gets unprotected)

STARTING_CREDITS = 25000 //How many credits a new player has

DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_ENEMY_USE = true //Default option to use uploaded ships in waves

LOCK_FACTION_SHIPS = true //If true, ships of other factions cant be edited, activated, or entered

DEBUG_FSM_STATE = false //transfer debug FSM state. Turning this on may slow down network

PHYSICS_SHAPE_CASTING_TUNNELING_PREVENTION = false //Makes a convex cast for high speed object to prevent clipping. High Cost. (Bugged right now, so don't turn it on)

CATALOG_SLOTS_PER_PLAYER = -1 //How many slots per player for saved ships (-1 for unlimited)

UNIVERSE_DAY_IN_MS = 1200000 //how long is a 'day' (stellar system rotation) in milliseconds (-1 to switch off system rotation)

FORCE_DISK_WRITE_COMPLETION = false //forces writing operations of raw data to disk directly after operation. For some OS this prevents raw data corruption

ASTEROIDS_ENABLE_DYNAMIC_PHYSICS = false //enables asteroids to be able to move in space

ENABLE_BREAK_OFF = false //debug (don't activate unless you know what you're doing)

COLLISION_DAMAGE = false //colliding into another object does damage

COLLISION_DAMAGE_THRESHOLD = 2.0 //Threshold of Impulse that does damage (the lower, the less force is needed for damage)

SKIN_ALLOW_UPLOAD = true //if off, skin uploading to server is deactivated

CATALOG_NAME_COLLISION_HANDLING = false //if off, saving with an existing entry is denied, if on the name is automatically changed by adding numbers on the end

SECTOR_AUTOSAVE_SEC = 300 //Time interval in secs the server will auto-save (-1 for never)

PHYSICS_SLOWDOWN_THRESHOLD = 40 //Milliseconds a collision test may take before anti-slowdown mode is activated

THRUST_SPEED_LIMIT = 75 //How fast ships, etc. may go in m/s . Too high values may induce physics tunneling effects

MAX_CLIENTS = 2 //Max number of clients allowed on this server

SUPER_ADMIN_PASSWORD_USE = true //Enable super admin for this server

SUPER_ADMIN_PASSWORD = 11ks1 //Super admin password for this server

SERVER_LISTEN_IP = //Enter specific ip for the server to listen to. use "all" to listen on every ip

SOCKET_BUFFER_SIZE = 65536 //buffer size of incoming and outgoing data per socket

PHYSICS_LINEAR_DAMPING = 0.05 //how much object slow down naturally (must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no slowdown

PHYSICS_ROTATIONAL_DAMPING = 0.05 //how much object slow down naturally (must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no slowdown

AI_DESTRUCTION_LOOT_COUNT_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items in a loot stack. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none

AI_DESTRUCTION_LOOT_STACK_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items spawned after AI destruction. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none

CHEST_LOOT_COUNT_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items in a loot stack. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none

CHEST_LOOT_STACK_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items spawned in chests of generated chests. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none

USE_WHITELIST = false //only names/ips from whitelist.txt are allowed

FILTER_CONNECTION_MESSAGES = false //don't display join/disconnect messages

USE_UDP = false //Use 'User Datagram Protocol' (UDP) instead of 'Transmission Control Protocol' (TCP) for connections

AUTO_KICK_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Kick players that spawn modified blueprints

AUTO_BAN_ID_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by name that spawn modified blueprints

AUTO_BAN_IP_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by IP that spawn modified blueprints

REMOVE_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINTS = false //Auto-removes a modified blueprint

DEBUG_SEGMENT_WRITING = false //Debugs correctness of writing of segments (costs server performance)

TCP_NODELAY = true //Naggles algorithm (WARNING: only change when you know what you're doing)

PING_FLUSH = false //flushes ping/pong immediately (WARNING: only change when you know what you're doing)

RECIPE_BLOCK_COST = 5000 //How much blocks have to be invested to create a recipe (min 0)

SHOP_SPAWNING_PROBABILITY = 0.1 //(must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no shops spawned in asteroid sectors, 1 is shop spawned in everyone (default: 8% -> 0.08)

RECIPE_REFUND_MULT = 0.5 //how much blocks are refunded from selling a recipe (must be between 0 and 1): 0 no refund, 1 full refund

RECIPE_LEVEL_AMOUNT = 4000 //On how much created blocks will a recipe level up (base value) (min 0)

DEFAULT_SPAWN_SECTOR_X = 2 //DEFAULT Spawn Sector X Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_SECTOR_Y = 2 //DEFAULT Spawn Sector Y Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_SECTOR_Z = 2 //DEFAULT Spawn Sector Z Coordinate

MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_TOLERANCE = 0.1 //Tolerance of modified blueprint trigger (default = 10%)

TURNING_DIMENSION_SCALE = 1.1 //Scaling of tuning speed VS ship dimension (default = 1.1)

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_X_1 = 0.0 //First Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Y_1 = -6.5 //First Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Z_1 = -8.0 //First Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_X_2 = 7.0 //Second Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Y_2 = -6.5 //Second Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Z_2 = 0.0 //Second Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_X_3 = 0.0 //Third Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Y_3 = -6.5 //Third Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Z_3 = 7.0 //Third Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_X_4 = -8.0 //Forth Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Y_4 = -6.5 //Forth Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate

DEFAULT_SPAWN_LOCALPOINT_Z_4 = 0.0 //Forth Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate

PLAYER_DEATH_CREDIT_PUNISHMENT = 0.1 //players credits lost of total on death (must be between 0 and 1): 1 = lose all, 0 = keep all

PLAYER_DEATH_CREDIT_DROP = false //drop credits lost on death into space instead

PLAYER_DEATH_BLOCK_PUNISHMENT = false //player will drop all his blocks into space on death

PLAYER_DEATH_PUNISHMENT_TIME = 300 //Time interval in seconds after death of a player in which the player is not punished

PLAYER_DEATH_INVULNERABILITY_TIME = 5 //Time the player is invulnerable after death in sec

PLAYER_HISTORY_BACKLOG = 30 //how many login history objects (with name, IP, account-name, and time) should be saved by player state

PROJECTILES_ADDITIVE_VELOCITY = false //initial projectile speed depend on relative linear velocity of object fired from

PROJECTILES_VELOCITY_MULTIPLIER = 1.0 //multiplier for projectile velocity

IGNORE_DOCKING_AREA = false //ignores docking area size

ALLOW_UPLOAD_FROM_LOCAL_BLUEPRINTS = true //enables clients being able to upload their pre-build-blueprints to the server

SHOP_NPC_STARTING_CREDITS = 10000000 //how much credits do shops start with

SHOP_NPC_RECHARGE_CREDITS = 100000 //how much credits do shops gain about every 10 min

AI_WEAPON_AIMING_ACCURACY = 10 //how accurate the AI aims (the higher the value the more accurate vs distance. 10 = about 99% accuracy at 10m)

BROADCAST_SHIELD_PERCENTAGE = 5 //percent of shields changed for the server to broadcast a shield sync

BROADCAST_POWER_PERCENTAGE = 50 //percent of power changed for the server to broadcast a power sync (not that critical)

ADMINS_CIRCUMVENT_STRUCTURE_CONTROL = true //admins can enter ships of any faction

STAR_DAMAGE = true //suns dealing damage to entities

SQL_NIO_FILE_SIZE = 256 //megabyte limit of .data file when to use NIO (faster) (must be power of 2)

PLANET_SIZE_MEAN = 175.0 //Planet size mean (normal Gaussian distribution) (min 50)

PLANET_SIZE_DEVIATION = 100.0 //Planet size standard deviation (normal Gaussian distribution) (min 0)

PLAYER_MAX_BUILD_AREA = 10 //max area a player may add/remove in adv. build mode

NT_SPAM_PROTECT_TIME_MS = 30000 //period of spam protection

NT_SPAM_PROTECT_MAX_ATTEMPTS = 30 //max attempts before refusing connections in spam protect period (default is 1/sec for 30 sec)

NT_SPAM_PROTECT_EXCEPTIONS = //IP's excluded from spam control (separate multiple with comma) (default is localhost)

NT_SPAM_PROTECT_ACTIVE = true //enables connection spawn protection (flooding servers with login attempts)

USE_PERSONAL_SECTORS = false //will spawn a player in a locked sector sandbox (warning, don't use unless you know what you do)

BATTLE_MODE = false //turn on battle-mode (warning, don't use unless you know what you're doing)

BATTLE_MODE_CONFIG = battleSector=0,0,0,Physics.smsec;battleSector=15,15,15,Physics.smsec;countdownRound=300;countdownStart=30;maxMass=-1;maxDim=300;maxMassPerFaction=-1; //General config for battle-mode

BATTLE_MODE_FACTIONS = [TeamA, fighters, 500,500,500, 0.5,0.1,0.9];[TeamB, fighters, -500,-500,-500, 0.5,0.9,0.2];[TeamFFA,ffa, 0,0,-500, 0.2,0.9,0.9];[Spectators,spectators, 0,500,0,0.8,0.4,0.8] //Faction config for battle-mode

LEADERBOARD_BACKLOG = 24 //time in hours to keep leaderboard backlog (the more time, the more data has to be sent to client)

ANNOUNCE_SERVER_TO_SERVERLIST = true //announces the server to the Starmade server list so clients can find it. Hostname must be provided for HOST_NAME_TO_ANNOUNCE_TO_SERVER_LIST!

HOST_NAME_TO_ANNOUNCE_TO_SERVER_LIST =  //this must be a valid hostname (either IP or host, e.g.

SERVER_LIST_NAME = //max length 64 characters

SERVER_LIST_DESCRIPTION = Another gameserver //max length 128 characters

MISSILE_DEFENSE_FRIENDLY_FIRE = true //can shoot down own or missiles from own faction

USE_DYNAMIC_RECIPE_PRICES = true //use recipe based prices (the price is the price of the parts it is made out of in crafting)

MAKE_HOMBASE_ATTACKABLE_ON_FP_DEFICIT = true //Home bases become attackable if a faction's Faction Points are in the minus and the faction doesn't own any territory

PLANET_SPECIAL_REGION_PROPABILITY = 240 //one out of thisValue chance of a special region spawning per planet plate (cities, pyramids, etc) (changing this value migth change some plates, but won't change any plates that are already modified by a player)

NT_BLOCKUPDATE_QUEUE_SIZE = 127 //how many blocks are sent per update. Huge placements will shot faster, but it will consume more bandwidth and is subject to spamming players

CHUNK_REQUEST_THREAD_POOL_SIZE_TOTAL = 25 //Thread pool size for chunk requests (from disk and generated)

CHUNK_REQUEST_THREAD_POOL_SIZE_CPU = 1 //Available threads of total for CPU generation. WARNING: too high can cause CPU spikes. About the amount of available cores minus one is best

BUY_BLUEPRINTS_WITH_CREDITS = false //buy blueprints directly with credits

MINING_BONUS = 1 //general multiplier on all mining

MAX_COORDINATE_BOOKMARKS = 20 //coordinate bookmarks per player allowed

ALLOWED_STATIONS_PER_SECTOR = 1 //how many stations are allowed per sector

STATION_CREDIT_COST = 1000000 //how much does a station or station blueprint cost


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