7 Days to Die | Revert back to a17.x from 18.x

Note: the worlds generated in 18.x are not usable in 17, you will have to remove the existing worlds to revert

  1. Stop service
  2. Go to the Reset World button in game panel, select each one in the drop down and remove. (Refresh page in between to update the drop down)
  3. Open the pingperfect.xml in configuration file manager, select the check box at the top for only alpha 17 and make any changes you want
  4. Click the beta update button, enter this in the bottom text box "alpha17.4" (without quotes) and perform update
  5. Re-check your pingperfect.xml config, make any needed changes and save
  6. In command line manager, hit "selected" on the default command line to re-save
  7. Start server
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