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The developers have changed the game so that when no players are online, the server time stops ticking.

If you would still like to stop your server when no-one is online for whatever reason, you can do so by performing the steps below:

The developers have informed us that they are intending to introduce a native game sleeping function. Until this is available, this should work for you.

  1. Log into your game panel.
  2. Select game services then click on the server you wish to create a scheduled task for.
  3. At the top of the page there is a scheduled tasks tab, click to go into the tab.
  4. Click new, select the scheduled restart.
  5. Click new under the now selected schedule restart box.
  6. Give the task a name (such as Stop when empty).
  7. Set the "Type" to "Daily".
  8. Give it a start time/date that is some time in the future.
  9. Set it to recur every 1 day and tick "repeat task".
  10. Set repeat every to 3 hours and set "for" to 24 hours.
  11. Click over to the "Advanced Options" tab at the top of the game panel. 
  12. Change the "Action" dropdown box to "Stop".
  13. Change the "If Players are Connected" option to "Wait Until Empty". 
  14. Save the task.

Please be aware this is dependent on the game panel being able to query your server correctly. Do not use this if you're running your server in any mode other than Public. It will not be instantaneous, but should work after 15 minutes. You will need to start your server when you're ready to play again. 

If after following this guide you still have issues, please raise a support ticket via your client area.

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