How to find your server logs

Finding your server logs takes only a few simple actions here at Pingperfect.

  1. Navigate to your control panel.
  2. Select "Log Viewer".
  3. There are two types of logs, Activity log and server logs.
  4. The activity log will be named similar to "ServiceLogs\20190912-activity.log"
  5. The server logs will be named similar to "<gamename>.log"
  6. Press one of the three buttons; "Download" to download the log file to your PC, "Stream File" to open the log in the same browser window, "New Window" to open the log in a new window/browser tab.
  7. You now have access to all your server logs, you can use these to diagnose possible issues with your server, say for example you've added a mod and now your server has stopped working, in the logs you would find the error message stating that the mod you have added is having issues and therefore causing the server to not work correctly.
  8. You are free to try and resolve the error yourself, or if you would like us to take a look at the issue just submit a ticket from your client area on our website stating the problem and anything you may have found in your server logs, we will then do our utmost to resolve the issue for you.
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