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Please follow the steps below to add DZSA Launcher to your DayZ Standalone server.

  1. Navigate to your control panel.
  2. Select "Mod Manager"
  3. Press blue 'Install' button next to DZSALauncher.
  4. Navigate to your control panel again.
  5. Under 'Predefined Commandlines' select the "DZSALauncher (REQUIRES DZSALAUNCHER MOD)"
  6. If you are using mods on your server, you must type the mod names into the mods field one after another, separated with a semicolon ( ; ) Example as follows: 
    @Community-Online-Tools;@CF;@Unlimited Stamina;@MoreGuns;
  7. If you are not using mods on your server, leave the mod field blank.
  8. Press Apply
  9. Your server will now be running DZSALauncher.

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