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Updated for Patch 18 Hotfix #1

If your server is not showing up in the Steam Server Browser or the Mordhau Server browser, there are three typical reasons why.

Reason 1: An outdated Mordhau Server client.

The Mordhau developers frequently update the Mordhau Server files, make sure to hit the Steam Update button once in a while or - schedule a Steam Update task via 'Scheduled Tasks' in your control panel to do this automatically.

Reason 2: Incorrect server filters.

Make sure to have the correct filters applied on the server-list. Sometimes your server may have a higher ping in the server-list than the default 100, your server may have no players currently in which case the has players tick box in the server browser needs to be unticked.

Reason 3: Modded Server

Modded servers take longer to show up than non-modded (Vanilla) servers because additional authentication must take place, on top of the fact that Modded (non-Vanilla) Mordhau servers must download the mods to your server, taking additional time, causing the modded server to take even longer to show up in the server-list. 

Note: Servers which are restarted will not be instantly displayed on the server-list. It takes roughly 2 to 5 minutes to display correctly, if your server is modded, it will take additional time to display due to having to download the mods to the server on startup.


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