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*Redundant as of Patch #11 - Maps are now downloaded to your PC when you join a server*

** Disclaimer **

This guide is for installing community maps to your client so that you can play on servers hosting the community made maps

Mordhau currently does not offer any official method of installing community made maps. A very kind player from within the Mordhau community has developed a community map installer so that fellow players of the game can install the community made maps with little effort. The link to his community map installer is as follows:

For those concerned about security, the code is all open source so you can check and compile the code yourself if you desire. 

For those who do not wish to use the installer for whatever reason, the community maps can be found here :

Note: As this is an unofficial , third-party program, PingPerfect holds no responsibility for any negative impacts on your Mordhau installation. You install these community maps at your own risk, we are simply making the option available to our customers who would like the community maps and are finding it difficult to install / locate them.

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