Atlas | How To Change to the Atlas Blackwood Map

To enable the Blackwood map on your Atlas server just follow the steps below

1. Log into your game panel at
2. Go to the main page for your Atlas server, where the start/stop/restart buttons are.
3. Click on command line manager.
4. If you have not already created a custom command line in the custom tab create a new command line.
5. Tick the checkbox on the left of "Map", "Server Name" and "Seamless"
6. Next to Map in the textbox write "Blackwood" (without the " ")
7. Next to Server Name in the textbox write what you want your servers name to be.
8. Next to Seamless in the dropdown box select "Disable Seamless Server".
9. Click save.
10. Select the new custom command line you just created. The text will turn bold and say Selected when it is selected.

Your server should now be loading Blackwood.

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