Cryofall | How to Add Yourself as OP (Admin)

To run commands on your server in game you need to "OP" yourself to become a server Operator.

To do this follow the steps below

1. Log into your game panel and navigate to your Cryofall game server
2. Click the web console button
3. At the bottom of the web console is a commands box, type in opadd yourcharacternamehere
4. Disconnect then reconnect to your server
5. Your character in game should now be an admin

Server operators can access special moderation commands. To use these commands follow the above steps, connect to your game server, open the console (~ key) and then you can use the below commands.
Note: Replace username with the actual player nickname

Whitelist management:

/mod.whiteList.add username

/mod.whiteList.remove username


To enable whitelist:

/mod.whiteList.enabled 1

Blacklist management:

/mod.blackList.add username

/mod.blackList.remove username


Kicking players (temporary removing from server and blocking from connecting):

/mod.kickList.add username durationInMinutes

/mod.kickList.remove username


Muting players (temporary removing their ability to send messages to chat):

/mod.muteList.add username durationInMinutes

/mod.muteList.remove username


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