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Your admin password can be changed under the Game.ini configuration file at the following line…


For a full list of admin commands, please reference the following table.

AdminLogin <adminpassword> 
Required to perform any other admin command
Lists current admins
AddAdmin <STEAMID64> 
Adds a new admin to the admin list
RemoveAdmin <STEAMID64> 
Removes specified admin from the admin list
ChangeLevel <map name> 
Changes the map
Restarts the current map
AddBots <number> 
Adds desired number of bots
RemoveBots <number>
Kills desired number of bots
Kick <user name / steamid64>
Kicks Player by steam ID or username
Ban <user name / steamid64>
Bans Player by steam ID or username
Unban <user name / steamid64>
Unbans Player by steam ID or username
Shows ban list
Slomo <value>
Slomo .5 will get you 50% speed. slomo 2 will get you 200% speed
Exits Mordhau game program
m.showserverstats 1
Show connected players and server's tick rate, replace 1 with 0 to remove
demo.recordhz <server tick rate>
Sets the frequency of the demo - must match server tick rate for smooth demos
demorec <username>
Starts a demo of the chosen player
Stops the demo
demoplay <username>
Plays the demo
Pauses the demo
demo.timedilation <value>
Sets the demo playback speed, 0.5 is half speed, 2.0 is double speed

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