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Part 1: Generating the admin token

1. Log into your game panel, and go to your Teamspeak server.

2. Click the "Teamspeak Browser" button.

3. Select "Tokens" from the side menu.

4. Press "New token" above the side menu.

5. Make sure type is ServerGroup and Group is Server Admin and give it a description.

6. Press save.

This will generate the one time token that will make you a server admin - Copy this code!



Part 2: Assigning the token to yourself in TS3

Launch the TS3 client and connect to your server as a normal user. Now, go to Permissions → Use Token and paste the Token ID into the box. If successful, this will make you a Server Admin and you should see a "SA" icon next to your name.

Note the token can only be used ONCE. After you're logged in as a Server Admin you can create a new token for someone else to use by going to Permissions > Token Manager > Add Token and choosing Server Group for type and Server Admin for group then clicking Create. You can then email or provide the token to another user allowing them to do the same thing.


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