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To set up auto commands for your server can be complex but will help you manage your server better. The below example is explained

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<EssentialsConfig xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
     <Enabled>true</Enabled> - Tells essentials if the command should be run or not
     <Name>Disable Refineries on boot</Name> - A name for the command so you can easily see what's what
     <OnStart>true</OnStart> - Tells essentials that this command should be run at server start
     <Interval>00:05:00</Interval> - this should be a little longer than it takes for your server to fully start up
     <DayOfWeek>All</DayOfWeek> - you can set a specific day for this to run or setting it to All will make it run every day
      <Steps> - the steps you want it to take
      <CommandStep> - the start of the first command step
      <Command>!blocks off type Refinery</Command> - this will turn off all refineries 5 minutes into the server startup (if your server takes 4 minutes to start it will run 1 minute after startup)
      </CommandStep> - end of the first command step
      </Steps> - end of all steps
    </AutoCommand> - end of this command
  </AutoCommands> - end of all commands
  <InfoCommands />
  <Motd>Welcome to another game server</Motd>
  <MotdUrl />

More examples can be found here


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