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Creating a custom hostname for TeamSpeak3 server

This is for those of you who want to have your own hostname to connect to your TeamSpeak server.

1. You need a web host and a domain of your choice. You can get a free one by submitting a support ticket so long as you have an active game server.
2. Within the web host you need to create a DNS record or more specifically an A record. Pointing for example to the IP address of your TeamSpeak server – performed as follows:
3. Log into your cPanel interface using the details provided to you via email.
4. Go to ‘Zone Editor’ under the ‘Domains’ tab.
5. Find and click ‘+ A Record’ then fill in the following info:

Name: Your chosen hostname
(for example: if you wanted with being your domain, you would just enter ts3 here

Address: The IP address of your TeamSpeak server

6. Click "Add Record"
7. Once the records are created it may take up to 48 hours for them to become active although usually it's no longer than an hour
8. Connect to your TeamSpeak server using your newly created A record. (e.g.
9. That’s it, all done!

There is a more advanced way to not need to put the port number at the end of the address – covered here:


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