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Clustering servers in Atlas is a bit of a daunting task for beginners, so I've written a guide on how to do it that should hopefully make it a bit easier.

  1. Create a map the same size as the number of servers you have available, if you have 2 services 1x2 map would be needed, 4 services 2x2 map and so on. The map creation is done within the devs map tool here

  2. CTRL + left click on the map you have created within the map editor tool (somewhere on the water, you need to do this for each square)

  3. Ensure the IP, Port, GamePort and SeamlessDataPort are all correct. Everything else doesn’t matter (keep additional command line parameters clear) You can find what these should be by looking at your main servers current ServerGrid.json file under ShooterGame folder on their server. It will look something like this

"servers": [
"gridX": 0,
"gridY": 0,
"MachineIdTag": "",
"ip": "",
"name": "servernamehere",
"port": 32005,
"gamePort": 32001,
"seamlessDataPort": 32015,

  1. Atlas ID can be found in the your current ServerGrid.json file next to "WorldAtlasId": "208108208108208108208108", (In this example its 208108208108208108208108208108)

  2. Click edit at the bottom of the box in the map editor when you have finished inputting the name, IP, ports and Atlas ID

  3. Click export then click local export (these files will go to the map editors export folder no matter where you told it to save so be aware of that)

  4. Upload the jpg files to your ShooterGame\ServerGrid folder (remove the old ones first)

  5. Open the Servergrid.json file in the configuration files section of the game panel and paste in everything from the newly generated ServerGrid.json file in the export folder of the map editor

  6. Run the wipe database button on your main server (If you haven't chosen a main server by now pick one, it should be the same one you did step 7 & 8 for)

Note: The configuration files in your game panel ServerGrid.json CANNOT be used with the configuration editor, if you do you will wipe your map, you must use text editor from now on

  1. Contact support and ask them to switch your cluster servers (everything other than your main server) to an "Additional Server" provide IP's and ports of the servers in question so there is no confusion

  2. The same ServerGrid.json contents can be copied from the main server to all the others (all the additional servers connect to the main servers redis database)
  3. Upload the jpg files from the map editor export folder to all additional servers.

  4. On each additional server create a new custom command line, name it whichever square of the server it is (i.e. 0-1 or 1-3 etc) tick X, Y and Alt Directory, For X enter the first number in the server co-ords, for Y enter the second i.e. X=0, Y=1 (you can find the co-ords on the map editor, e.g. In a 2x2 map top left square is x=0 y=0, bottom right would be x=1 y=1) do not tick server name

  5. After the config files have been copied, the command lines changed and the files uploaded to ServerGrid start up the main server, wait for 5 minutes then start up the others 1 by 1

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