Hiding Port Number

Hiding the port number

Following on from the creating a custom hostname guide, you can go one step further and set it so that your address does not need a port on the end for users to connect (i.e. ts3. mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com:9987 becomes just ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com)

To do this follow these steps (SKIP STEPS 1 to 4 if you have already followed the Creating a custom hostname for TeamSpeak3 server guide):

1. Log into your cPanel interface using the details provided to you via email.
2. Go to ‘Zone Editor’ under the ‘Domains’ tab.
3. Find and click ‘+ A Record’ then fill in the following info:

Name: Your chosen hostname
(for example: if you wanted ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com with Pingperfecthosting.com being your domain, you would just enter ts3 here

Address: The IP address of your TeamSpeak server

4. Click "Add Record"
5. Click ‘Manage’ then setup your SRV record as follows:

Service: _ts3
Protocol: _UDP
Valid zone name text box: type the name for a valid SRV record, using the following format: _service._protocol.domain.

_service is the symbolic name of the service. For example, _ts3.

_protocol is the transport protocol of the service. For example, _tcp or _udp.

domain is the domain name for which the SRV record is valid. For example, ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com

 (For example: if you wanted ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com , you would enter _ts3._udp.ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com.

Priority: 0
Weight: 5
Port: Your TeamSpeak server's port
Type: SRV
Target: The full record (in this example ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com)

6. Click "Save Record"
7. Connect to your TeamSpeak server using the domain name with no port (e.g ts3.mydomain.pingperfecthosting.com)

8. That's it, you're done.

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