Space Engineers | Use the Remote API

This is a guide for using the Remote Client recently added to Space Engineers.

  1. Download this batch file and place it somewhere safe.
  2. Execute the batch file. This will automatically download the latest SteamCMD client, use that to download some Space Engineers files, and start the remote client.

    We recommend you always use this script to launch the client since it will keep the remote client up to date.
  3. Once the Remote Client has launched (The window will be named VRage Remote Client), Click the Remote API Details button in game panel.
  4. Copy the details from the game panel to the VRage Remote Client window.
  5. Press Save
  6. Press Connect

Next time you run the tool, your server should be listed in the tool already, so you don't need to add the server again. 

For your remote API Key, you will need to make up a key like you would make up a password and enter it in the configuration editor as seen in the example below.


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