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Server is not showing up on the list:

There are a couple of reason a server may not show up in game with Dark and light:

Server Update:

The first thing you should do is log on to your control panel, and press steam update, often games can not find the servers listing if the client and server versions do not match.

Private password:

If you are using a password, please ensure that you have used capital letter only for the password, and that you have "show password protected" enabled on the server browser.
If you are not using a password, please make sure that you have not got "Show password protected" enabled, as this will only show password protected servers.
Make sure that if the server uses a password or admin password that they are only written in CAPITALS this is a bug at the moment and can cause a server to not show up in the list.

If you have followed the above steps and you can not see your server after, please submit a support ticket.

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