Space Engineers | Experimental Mode Information

What is Experimental mode?

Many experimental, unofficial and not fully developed features are hidden under the Experimental Mode checkbox in the Game Options menu. These were the features that we added to the game throughout its early-access development, but are now not considered to be officially part of the game. However, we don’t want to remove them from the game because many players are used to them. Everything will stay the same as before in the experimental mode.

New players are in safe mode with only selected features and limits. All existing players have experimental mode enabled by default. If you want to join an experimental server, or a custom game, you have to have experimental mode enabled in your game options.

If you want to change many of the options from their defaults or add mods you have to be running experimental mode. There is nothing wrong with this but new players will need to enable experimental mode in their game options.

Unfortunately there is nothing Pingperfect can do about what constitutes experimental mode being enabled so you are best off just telling your players to enable experimental in their games.


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