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This guide is depreciated, any server running v8 or higher this will break your server

  1. Log into your game panel then stop your server
  2. Connect to your server via FTP ( and navigate to your Storage folder download the file to your pc. Make a copy of this file somewhere so that if something goes wrong you have an unedited version as a backup.
  3. Right click the file you downloaded to your pc and click 'open archive' (Do not unzip/decompress, if you unzip you may never get it compressed again correctly and when you upload the file back the server wont start)
  4. Once you have opened you should see a Users folder. In that folder locate your profile by steam64ID or slgID and delete it. 
  5. Close the archive and upload the from your pc to your server. 

You have now deleted a player profile from your server.

Additional Information

To help a player get back to where they were you can use the /giveskillpoints command, to get their skill points back, so they can buy their skills back. You can then go to their claimed locations, stand in their claims and /unclaim to remove their claim flags which you can return to them, so they can put the claims back down. You may also need to set reputation /setreputation , or /setreputationrelative. For vehicles with deeds, the deed is now lost so you will have to delete the vehicle and either spawn one in with the /give command or spawn in the materials so they can reconstruct it. As for other inventory items that they had on them these can also be spawned in with the /give command or the materials to recreate can be spawned. If your player had award items, such as beta awards or items like the wolf apparel for the wolf-tier that is unfortunately lost and cannot be recovered unless they had it stored in a chest somewhere. If that is happening and you can get in other servers it's because the player profile is corrupt.

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