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Admin System – Giving admin rights
Rights Value Allowed
Commands Description
ACCESSLEVEL_PROTECTNAME 1 ad_say ad_sayp his name is protected (reserved), only he can use his nickname on the server
ACCESSLEVEL_MAPCHANGE 2 ad_map can change maps
ACCESSLEVEL_RESTART 4 ad_restart can restart the game
ACCESSLEVEL_GAMETYPE 8 ad_gametype can change gametype
ACCESSLEVEL_FRAGLIMIT 16 ad_fraglimit can change frag limit
ACCESSLEVEL_TIMELIMIT 16 ad_timelimit can change time limit
ACCESSLEVEL_KICK 32 ad_kick ad_clientkick can kick players from game
can use bad commands, for admin debug/scripting purposes
can ban players IPs/names
can unban players IPs/names
ad_distaunt can add/remove/list words in chat filters list
ACCESSLEVEL_LISTADMINS 2048 ad_listadmins can view a list of in-game admins
ACCESSLEVEL_RCON 4096 ad_rcon can have a full access to RCon console
ACCESSLEVEL_MAX 16383 -------------------------- all rights

To add a new admin for your server follow these steps:

1. Go to file manager in your game panel then go into main
2. Open file admins.ini
3. Add new line looking like this:
login=<admin username> password=<admin password> rights=<admin rights>

Don’t use TAB’s to make spaces between name, password, rights. Instead, use spaces.
Our engine can handle TAB’s but it’s more secure to use spaces.

How to log in as Admin:
To log in as admin, player has to type this in his game console:
ad_login <admin username> <admin password>
Should recieve a yellow confirmation message below the compass

New Admin Commands
1. You can use these commands when server authorized you as an admin
2. Field that contains “#” means that it requires number
3. Field that contains “<word>” means that it requires only one, single word
4. Field that contains “<ip-mask>” allows to use IP in format like this:
5. Maximum count of banned IPs/Names/Words is 2000. Don’t exceed this value.
Command Usage Description
ad_kick ad_kick <name> - kicks a player with given name
ad_kickr ad_kickr <name> <reason> - kicks a player with given name and a reason
ad_clientkick ad_clientkick <clientnum #> - kicks a player with given Client Number (Client Id)
ad_clientkickr ad_clientkickr <clientnum #> <reason> - kicks a player with given Client Number (Client Id) And a reason
ad_banname ad_banname <name> - adds name to banned names list, player with this name will be banned
ad_unbanname ad_unbanname <name> - unbans name (removes it from banned names list)
ad_listnames ad_listnames <page number #> - lists banned names (stored in namefilter.cfg)
ad_protname ad_protname <name> <password> - player's name to be protected with password
ad_unprotname ad_unprotname <name> - Unprotects player name
ad_listprotnames ad_listprotnames <page number #> - Lists protected names by page number
ad_banip ad_banip <ip-mask #> - Bans IP
ad_banipr ad_banipr <ip-mask #> - Bans IP with reason
ad_banid ad_banid <clientnum #> - Bans IP via clientnum
ad_banidr ad_banidr <clientnum #> - Bans IP via clientnum with reason
ad_unbanip ad_unbanip <ip-mask #> Unbans IP
ad_listips ad_listips <page number #>- Lists banned IPs by page number
ad_chatfilteradd ad_chatfilteradd <word> - adds bad word to chat filter list, player will get penalty
ad_chatfilterremove ad_chatfilterremove <word> removes bad word to chat filter list
ad_listchatfilter ad_listichatfilter <page number #> - Lists bad words by page number
ad_dischat ad_dischat <clientnum #> - Disables clients chat
ad_distaunt ad_distaunt <clientnum #> - Disables clients taunts
ad_map ad_map <mapname> - Changes map
ad_restart - restarts game
ad_fraglimit ad_fraglimit <fraglimit #> - sets a fraglimit to given number
ad_timelimit ad_timelimit <timelimit #> - sets round time limit to given number of minutes
ad_gametype ad_gametype <gametype #> - sets g_gametype to given number
ad_say ad_say <”text”> - Text that is sent to the players on server
ad_sayp ad_say <clientnum #> <”text”> - Text that is sent to the specific player only
ad_login ad_login <username> <password> Logs player in as admin
ad_status - Lists current players with their names/ips/client ids.
ad_listadmins - Lists currently logged in admins and their rights
ad_rcon ad_rcon <cmd> <arg> - Works same as normal rcon

sv_kickping 0: Max Ping kick turned OFF <1,999>: Max Ping kick turned ON 
If set to 0 - kicking players with high ping will be disabled If set from 1 to 999 – kicking players with high ping will be enabled and players with higher than value of this CVar will be kicked
sv_stufftextdetection 0: Stufftext Bypass Detection OFF 1: Stufftext Bypass Detection ON 
1 If set to 1, Stufftext Bypass Detection System will check if players use modified game to protect themselves against admin tools that make use of stufftext command (this can make them invulnerable to kick commands etc.)

callvote callvote <command> <args> - Starts a vote. eg. callvote map dm/mohdm1
vote vote <yes/no> - Votes yes or no if there is vote active
allowedvotes allowedvotes - Shows which commands can be voted for
allowedmaps allowedmaps - Shows which maps can be voted for when using “map” command in vote

New Voting System

New voting system will keep track of players who voted yes or no, and will show them on every player’s screen. It also shows percentage of players who voted yes or no.
There is also information telling players in how many seconds vote will expire.
Player can start a vote using command callvote. He will be counted as if he voted yes. His name will be added to Voted Yes: section. Message about vote will show up. From now, other players can decide if they want to vote yes or no using command vote.

 Vote caller cannot vote, if he started a vote call (he will automatically vote yes).
 Other players cannot vote twice.
 When vote caller will disconnect – vote will be cancelled
 When player who took part in a poll will disconnect – his vote will be cancelled. After reconnecting he will be able to vote again.
 New vote cannot be called until previous one will expire.
Expiration time can be set up by g_votetimeout CVar (see New Game CVars section for more information).

Server admins can specify which commands can be used in voting system. They have to type each command in new line, in file called: allowedvotes.cfg which is included in new patch versions.

They can also choose what maps can be used in voting system by players that want to change map using map command. To allow specific maps, they have to add each map name (with path to it, e.g. dm/mohdm2 and NOT mohdm2) in new line, in file called: allowedmaps.cfg which is included in new patch versions.


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