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List of Project Zomboid Commands:

* addalltowhitelist : Add all the current users who are connected with a password to the whitelist, so their account is protected.
* additem : Give an item to a player. If no username is given then you will receive item. Count is optional. Use: /additem \"username\" \"module.item\" count, ex : /additem \"rj\" \"Base.Axe\" count
* adduser : Use this command to add a new user to a whitelisted server. Use: /adduser \"username\" \"pwd\"
* addusertowhitelist : Add a user connected with a password to the whitelist, so their account is protected. Use: /addusertowhitelist \"username\"
* addvehicle : Spawn a vehicle. Use: /addvehicle \"script\" \"user or x,y,z\", ex /addvehicle \"Base.VanAmbulance\" \"rj\"
* addxp : Give experience points to a player. Use: /addxp \"playername\" perkname=xp, ex /addxp \"rj\" Woodwork=2
* alarm : Sound a building alarm at the Admin's position. (Must be in a room.)
* banid : Ban a SteamID. Use: /banid SteamID
* banuser : Ban a user. Add a -ip to also ban the IP. Add a -r \"reason\" to specify a reason for the ban. Use: /banuser \"username\" -ip -r \"reason\". For example: /banuser \"rj\" -ip -r \"spawn kill\"
* changeoption : Change a server option. Use: /changeoption optionName \"newValue\"
* chopper : Place a helicopter event on a random player
* createhorde : Spawn a horde near a player. Use : /createhorde count \"username\", ex /createhorde 150 \"rj\", username is optional except from the server console.
* createhorde2 : UI_ServerOptionDesc_CreateHorde2
* godmod : Make a player invincible. If no username is set, then you will become invincible. Use: /godmode \"username\" -value, ex /godmode \"rj\" -true (could be -false)
* gunshot : Place gunshot sounds on a random player
* help : Help
* invisible : Make a player invisible to zombies. If no username is set then you will become invisible. Use: /invisible \"username\" -value, ex /invisible \"rj\" -true (could be -false)
* kickuser : Kick a user. Add a -r \"reason\" to specify a reason for the kick. Use: /kickuser \"username\" -r \"reason\"
* noclip : Makes a player pass through walls and structures. Toggles with no value. Use: /noclip \"username\" -value, ex /noclip \"rj\" -true (could be -false)
* players : List all connected players
* quit : Save and quit the server
* releasesafehouse : Release a safehouse you own. Use: /safehouse release
* reloadlua : Reload a Lua script. Use: /reloadlua \"filename\"
* reloadoptions : Reload server options (ServerOptions.ini) and send to the clients
* removeuserfromwhitelist : Remove a user from the whitelist. Use: /removeuserfromwhitelist \"username\"
* removezombies : UI_ServerOptionDesc_RemoveZombies
* replay : Record and play replay for moving player. Use: /replay \"playername\" -record|-play|-stop filename. Example: /replay user1 -record stadion.bin
* save : Save the current world
* sendpulse : Toggle sending server performance info to this client. Use: /sendpulse
* servermsg : Broadcast a message to all connected players. Use: /servermsg my message !
* setaccesslevel : Set access level of a player. Current levels: admin, moderator, overseer, gm, observer. Use: /setaccesslevel \"username\" \"accesslevel\", ex: /setaccesslevel \"rj\" \"moderator\"
* showoptions : Show the list of current server options and values.
* startrain : Start rain on the server
* stoprain : Stop rain on the server
* teleport : Teleport to a player. Once teleported, wait two seconds for map to appear. Use: /teleport \"playername\" or /teleport \"player1\" \"player2\", ex /teleport \"rj\" or /teleport \"rj\" \"toUser\"
* teleportto : Teleport to coordinates. Use: /teleportto x,y,z, ex /teleportto 100098,189980,0
* unbanid : Unban a SteamID. Use: /unbanid SteamID
* unbanuser : Unban a player. Use : /unbanuser \"username\"
* voiceban : Block voice from user \"username\". Use : /voiceban \"username\" -value, ex /voiceban \"rj\" -true (could be -false)

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