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To become an admin in your Rising World server just follow the steps below

To be authenticated as an administrator on your own game server, you must enter your own game name in the configuration file 'server.properties' . The following steps are necessary:

1. log into your game panel (Https://Gamepanel.pingperfect.com)
2. Go to configuration files > server.properties
3. next to admins= write your steam64ID (can be found here https://steamid.io/ should look somthing like this admins=734536549382348934580)
4. Save the config file
5. Restart your server

Once done you should be able to use admin commands listed below

Command Description
setspawn Changes the spawn position to the current position
goto #spawn Teleports you to the spawn
kick "Playername" Kicks a player (Do not include " " when writing playername)
makeadmin "Playername" Gives another player admin status
tod 0-23 Changes the time (useful to change to day, for example)
wireframe Set wireframe mode on/ off
item <itemnam> # Used to give yourself items, for example item treelog 32 gives you 32 tree logs.
F2 Press F2 to fly in game
mark saves the current location
object <objectname> # Used to give yourself objects
setinventory sets current inventory as default
setgametype # (0 or 1) 0 = default, 1 = semi-creative


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