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Please note it will take a few hours of downtime so make sure you have the time before you proceed. 

  1. Stop the server.  
  2. Go to the actions tab and click "Toggle Query Monitoring". This will disable the gamepanel from automatically restarting your service. Please note, if you've already disabled this, clicking this button will enable it again. Services created after the 15th of March 2021 will have this disabled by default. Please make sure to read the message to check if you've disabled or enabled it.
  3. Log into with your steam account.
  4. Click Add server after logging in. 
  5. Add the details of the customer server as follows (you can find these by clicking the "Server info for Feudal Tools" button in Game panel).
    Gameserver Address: [IP:Port] 
    Database Address: [IP] 
    Database Name: lif_[customport1] 
    Database User: lif_[customport1] 
    Database Password: [obtainable from the SQL Details button in game panel] 
  6. Click add server.
  7. At the top of the page click on Map Generator.
  8. Select the map you want.
  9. Customize the map how you want it or leave as default.
  10. Leave distribution mode as "Write to database directly" then select the target server as the one you just added (IMPORTANT MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SELECT THE WRONG SERVER BY MISTAKE)
  11. Click start.
  12. Wait for it to finish then follow the instructions on the site. 

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