What is a Subdomain

what is a Subdomain?

Subdomains can be very helpful for separating out different major aspects of domain usage. For example, some businesses like to have their main site at their primary domain (example.com), and then put their blog at a subdomain (blog.example.com).

Another common usage is for SaaS apps, especially when the public marketing site and the logged-in application are served from different computers or at least different code bases. Often the public site will be at the base domain, with the application on the subdomain (app.example.com).

The most common use of subdomains is when creating a network of sites which are individually manafged by other people, usually customers. This is the model for a number of popular blogging services, including WordPress.com and Tumblr.

You can create sub domains through Cpanel, depending on your chosen package you may be limmited to how many you can create, our larger packages allow more subdomains to be created.
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