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If you need to re-install your service but want to keep your save (for example if you have installed a mod that won't delete properly and need to reset everything) just follow the below and it will get you back up and running

  1. In your game panel click the backup world button and select the world type you want to save (Navezgane or Random Gen)
  2. After it has finished backing up download the file to your pc using file manager or FTP (The file will be called something along the lines of Random Gen-hh-mm-DD-MM-YYYY.PING and will be located in the "Saves" folder)
  3. After you have downloaded the backup to your pc make a note of what your current "GameName" value is in the Pingperfect.xml configuration file, this is what tells the server what world to load so is important
  4. Click the re-install button in the actions tab of the game panel
  5. After the re-install has finished setting up your Pingperfect.xml configuration file as you want it to be making sure that the "GameName" value is the same as it was in step 3 and that the world type is set to Navezgane or Random Gen as per the backup you too in step 1
  6. Use the restore world button to restore the correct file
  7. If all has gone to plan you should be able to start up the server and continue on with your save.

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