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  1. Install Torch (
  2. Run the following commands within chat in your server

    !cleanup delete then type in one of the operators

    hastype, notype, hassubtype, nosubtype, blockslessthan, blocksgreaterthan, ownedby

    then a blocktype, subtype, an owner or blocks less than/greater than

    For example

    !cleanup delete ownedby Ragonz (delete any item owned by player called Ragonz)
    !cleanup delete notype (delete any item that has notype)
    !cleanup delete hastype refinery (delete all refineries)
    !cleanup delete hassubtype largethruster (delete all sectors which have in them a "largethruster")
    !cleanup delete blockslessthan 1000 (delete any blocks within a sector which has less than 100 total blocks)
    !cleanup delete blocksgreaterthan 100000 (delete any blocks within a sector which has more than 100000 total blocks)
    !cleanup delete notype beacon blockslessthan 100 (delete any blocks within a sector that doesn't have a beacon and has less than 100 blocks)


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