Reign of Kings | How to Set Up Admins

To set up admins follow the below

1. Log into your game panel and open configuration files
2. open Permissions.cfg
3. you should see somthing that looks like this

guest { # Unregistered users will use these permissions.
nameFormat = '%name%'
chatFormat = '%name% : %message%'
guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]'
permissions {
- 'rok.fairplay'
groups {
default {
default = 'True'
inherits = 'guest'
admin {
permissions {
- '*'
users {
groups {
- 'admin'

4. To add yourself as an admin just replace USERNAMEHERE with your in game name then save the file
5. reboot the server for the changes to take effect.

Make sure you also enable Client Comamnds in the server.cfg or admin commands in game will not work


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