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To add mods to The Isle is relatively straight forward, just follow the steps below

1. Find a mod that you want to use on the steam workshop for example and click subscribe

2. In your game panel go to the service then click on command line manager, select any default map (if you are already using a default map, leave as is)

3. Stop your server then click the Delete mods button (this clears any previous mod attempt/old files)

4. In your game panel go to configuration files

5. Click configuration editor next to GameUserSettings.ini

6. Click "New Mod"

7. Enter the mod ID (for this example it would be 894959543 any other mods it would be the number at the end of the URL)

8. Save the file

9. Reboot or start the server

10. Click on log viewer and click new window next to TheIsle\Saved\Logs\TheIsle.log

11. When you see "IsleLog: ISteamBridge: OnDownloadItemResult: Mod ID: yourmodidhere Result: OK" continue on (If you continue without seeing this your server WILL NOT work)

12. Back in the main area of the game panel wait until CPU usage is down at 0% then continue

If the mod is also a map continue below, if it is not stop here

13. In your game panel go to command line manager

14. Click on custom

15. Click new

16. Enter the description for the command line, tick the box next to "GameMode" and select the game mode you want then tick the tick box next to "Map" and enter the map path for the map you want (ie. /stoneclawhighlands/maps/stoneclawhighlands - don't forget the / at the beginning or it won't work)

17. Save the command line then click select next to it

18. This will reboot your server when you click select to enable the map, give it 5 minutes to boot up


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