Crops not growing

Make sure the groups has enough quality. Ground quality affects yield. Every time you farm the same cell the quality falls until it becomes barren. Barren soil needs to be fertilized with dung to increase the yield. (obtained from coops) Fertilising soil multiple times and digging it up has revealed that multiple uses increases soil quality with each use. 100% soil quality seems possible in theory.

Plant growth timer on the server settings seems to be PER STAGE. If you plant a tree and have it set to 0.5, in 30 minutes (irl time) it'll grow one stage. 

If not harvested within a certain amount of time it will die and the plot will become vacant but remain plowed. So far our best yields have been on fresh soil that has not had anything grown on it, fertilised, then planted and harvested after being up for a couple of growth stages. 

We've had some issues with harvesting IMMEDIATELY after the cell matures to be harvestable only yielding 1. Theory is waiting longer after maturity increases yield up until the crop dies and all harvesting has been lost. (needs testing)
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