Admin Commands & Help

~ in-game for console

/gm password (using the password set in world_X.xml [GM friends can use])
/add "Heavy Targe Shield" 1 100 20000 (quantity 1, quality 100, durability 200)
/add apple 100 100 (adds apple stack to inv. no " needed on single words. Quality of 100 fills hunger from 0)
/add 41 1 50 20000 (ObjectID in \Life is Feudal Your Own\data\cm_equipTypes.xml)
/complete [KeyBind=B] (while aiming/targeted at an un-built structure)
/alignment # (-1000~1000) 
/heal (Only brings a user to 100 flat health) <creds: TgTemplar>(something's not right with this, only worked once..?)
/Reagents (Gives you a LOT of alchemical goods. A LOT)
/delobj [KeyBind=N] (removes targeted/aimed at object)
/addobj 520 (places a "School (wooden)" at your feet, location and direction based on char pos/direction - obj ID found in DB table 'objects_types' column 'ID')
/setmystat # 75 (0 = str, 1 = agi, 2 = wil, 3 = int, 4 = con | sets stat, appears to max at 110???)
/setmyskill 41 100 (Set skill 2H blades mastery to 100, ID's found in DB table 'skill_type' column 'ID')
/setmyskill "Piercing mastery" -90 (Subtracts 90 from the skill)

/weather Fair (Fair / Cloudy / Shower) 
/grow (4x for noticing change)
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