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/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} The server is shut down after the number of Seconds Will be notified of your MessageText.
/DoExit Force stop the server.
/Broadcast {MessageText} Send message to all player in the server.

Use underscores _ instead of spaces

If you wanted to say Broadcast Server will restart in 10 minutes, use Broadcast Server_will_restart_in_10_minutes
/KickPlayer {SteamID} Kick player from the server.
/BanPlayer {SteamID} BAN player from the server.
/TeleportToPlayer {SteamID} Teleport to current location of target player.
/TeleportToMe {SteamID} Target player teleport to your current location
/ShowPlayers Show information on all connected players.
/Info Show server information.
/Save Save the world data.

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