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Adding admins is easy, just follow the steps below. 

  1. Log into your Gamepanel.
  2. Click Commandline Manager
  3. Click Select(ed) next to the Custom option. 
  4. Enter your SteamID64 in the box beside "Server Admin Account". You can find your SteamID64 here
    - If you want to add more than one admin separate the IDs with ";" Ex: SteamID64#1;SteamID64#2
  5. Click Apply. 
  6. Restart the server. 

You should now be able to use "Shift+G" to open the admin options on the server and ~ to open the console line at the bottom of the screen to enter commands. Hitting ~ a second time will open a full console window. 


You can find the commands and item IDs here, Commands list


Please keep in mind that The Front is an early access game, as such some commands may not work at this time. If you're able to execute some commands and others do not work, it is likely that command is not working.

We suggest reporting any issues you come across to the Game Devs in their Discord to help further the growth of the game. The Front Discord

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