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Skyrim Together Reborn Guidance


Supported versions

To play Skyrim Together Reborn, you must use Skyrim Special Edition 1.6 on Steam.
You do not need the Anniversary Upgrade paid mod pack. In fact, we recommend playing without it.
The VR, console, Legendary and Gamepass editions are not supported.
Neither is Skyrim Special Edition 1.5 (aka pre Anniversary update).
To make sure you have the latest update of Special Edition installed, verify the game files through Steam.

How to install Skyrim Together Reborn on your PC

Perform the process covered here:


Mods can make things difficult with Skyrim Together Reborn. Refer to this and this for the reasons why. We recommend you play without any other mods installed for optimal gameplay. If you do, expect issues.

The most important thing is that all your users/friends/players will use the exact same mods in the exact same load order (set in the loadOrder.txt configuration file).

How and when to connect

Do NOT connect to a server while you are still doing the Helgen intro quest.

You should ONLY connect after escaping Helgen.

To open the UI, either use the Right-CTRL key or the F2 key.

We recommend that you try and make sure that the party leader is always first, at least when connecting to the server.

If the party leader crashes, it is recommended that everyone disconnects and only reconnects when the party leader has connected again.


Saves are not stored on the game server. They are stored on the PC of the party leader. You are therefore responsible for management/backup of your save data. If you lose the save data, we cannot help you.

It is highly recommended that you save often (quick-save every time a quest progresses and/or before scripted events at the minimum), and that you leave auto saving enabled.

You can use F5 to quicksave.

Debugger menu

Press "F3" to open the debugger menu.

This special UI has menus which can help you get unstuck, either as your character, or quests, etc.

The debug UI can be closed by pressing F3 again.


How does questing work? The quest sync system works through the party system. When you create a party, you are the party leader.
The party leader basically "hosts" the majority of the world. Other party members should be seen as "guests" in the world of the party leader.
Whenever the party leader progresses a quest, the other party members also progress their quests automatically.

To have an optimal questing experience, you should follow these 4 rules:
  • Only the party leader can talk to quest NPCs to progress quests, and should be the only one to interact with quest scenes (like warding against a firebolt in the "First Lessons" quest).
  • Only the party leader can loot quest items, like the golden claw.
  • Stick to one party leader per playthrough, not per session. Changing party leaders will probably break the current quests you're doing, and it might break quests after that.
  • Stick to one party per server. More parties are technically possible, but it is not recommended if you want to do a quest-heavy playthrough, since they might interfere with each other.


What can you do as a party member?

These are some things you can safely do if you are not the party leader (though the party leader should be present for these things):

  • Kill quest monsters and bosses.
  • Clear quest dungeons.
  • Do quest puzzles.
  • Accidentally starting a quest as a non-leader is not a problem, just make sure you do not progress the quest until the leader has also taken that quest.

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