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You MUST use a mod on your Cod5 server in order to use custom maps, follow this guide to set up a mod:

Part 1: Creating the required directories, uploading maps

In this example, we will be using the map mp_burgundysnow available here:

Use FTP/File Manager to create a directory named usermaps in the server's root/main directory- it MUST be named exactly as shown.

Use FTP/File Manager to upload the map folder inside the usermaps folder. Repeat this process for all maps.

You should now end up with a directory structure similar to this:

(this contains all the map files : mp_burgundysnow.ff , mp_burgundysnow.iwd and mp_burgundysnow_load.ff)


Part 2: Telling the server which maps to run

Open your server's.cfg file, as you are using a mod, you must ensure you are opening the server.cfg for the mod, not for the default game.

Find the section shown below:

///// Map_rotation (available gametypes: dm, tdm, dom, sab, sd ctf, koth, twar)
// Capture the flag rotation
set sv_mapRotation "gametype ctf map mp_airfield gametype ctf map mp_asylum gametype ctf map mp_castle gametype ctf map mp_courtyard gametype ctf map mp_dome gametype ctf map mp_downfall gametype ctf map mp_hangar gametype ctf map mp_makin gametype ctf map mp_outskirts gametype ctf map mp_roundhouse gametype ctf map mp_seelow gametype ctf map mp_shrine gametype ctf map mp_suburban"

// Deathmatch (Free-for-all) rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_airfield gametype dm map mp_asylum gametype dm map mp_castle gametype dm map mp_courtyard gametype dm map mp_dome gametype dm map mp_downfall gametype dm map mp_hangar gametype dm map mp_makin gametype dm map mp_outskirts gametype dm map mp_roundhouse gametype dm map mp_seelow gametype dm map mp_shrine gametype dm map mp_suburban"

// Team deathmatch rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_airfield gametype tdm map mp_asylum gametype tdm map mp_castle gametype tdm map mp_courtyard gametype tdm map mp_dome gametype tdm map mp_downfall gametype tdm map mp_hangar gametype tdm map mp_makin gametype tdm map mp_outskirts gametype tdm map mp_roundhouse gametype tdm map mp_seelow gametype tdm map mp_shrine gametype tdm map mp_suburban"

// Domination rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype dom map mp_airfield gametype dom map mp_asylum gametype dom map mp_castle gametype dom map mp_courtyard gametype dom map mp_dome gametype dom map mp_downfall gametype dom map mp_hangar gametype dom map mp_makin gametype dom map mp_outskirts gametype dom map mp_roundhouse gametype dom map mp_seelow gametype dom map mp_shrine gametype dom map mp_suburban"

// Headquarters rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype koth map mp_airfield gametype koth map mp_asylum gametype koth map mp_castle gametype koth map mp_courtyard gametype koth map mp_dome gametype koth map mp_downfall gametype koth map mp_hangar gametype koth map mp_makin gametype koth map mp_outskirts gametype koth map mp_roundhouse gametype koth map mp_seelow gametype koth map mp_shrine gametype koth map mp_suburban"

// Sabotage rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype sab map mp_airfield gametype sab map mp_asylum gametype sab map mp_castle gametype sab map mp_courtyard gametype sab map mp_dome gametype sab map mp_downfall gametype sab map mp_hangar gametype sab map mp_makin gametype sab map mp_outskirts gametype sab map mp_roundhouse gametype sab map mp_seelow gametype sab map mp_shrine gametype sab map mp_suburban"

// Search and Destroy rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd ctf map mp_airfield gametype sd ctf map mp_asylum gametype sd ctf map mp_castle gametype sd ctf map mp_courtyard gametype sd ctf map mp_dome gametype sd ctf map mp_downfall gametype sd ctf map mp_hangar gametype sd ctf map mp_makin gametype sd ctf map mp_outskirts gametype sd ctf map mp_roundhouse gametype sd ctf map mp_seelow gametype sd ctf map mp_shrine gametype sd ctf map mp_suburban"

// War rotation
//set sv_mapRotation "gametype twar map mp_airfield gametype twar map mp_asylum gametype twar map mp_castle gametype twar map mp_courtyard gametype twar map mp_dome gametype twar map mp_downfall gametype twar map mp_hangar gametype twar map mp_makin gametype twar map mp_outskirts gametype twar map mp_roundhouse gametype twar map mp_seelow gametype twar map mp_shrine gametype twar map mp_suburban"


Add the custom maps to the sv_mapRotation for the gamemode you want to run. Remember to put a // infront of any gamemodes you don't want to run.

In the example, it's a free for all only server, running only this custom map and 2 default maps, so it would look like this:
set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_burgundysnow gametype dm map mp_airfield gametype dm map mp_asylum"

Save the file, and startup your server.

Natively, CoD5 map downloads are very slow, this can be resolved by using a Fast Downloads server, contact us for further information.

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