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ISMCmod brings a plethora of content to the game including weapons, attachments, cosmetics, new factions and more.

Part 1: Installing the mods

  1. Make a account, once you have signed-in, click your username in the top right, and click API Access from the left navigation menu.

  2. Click OAuth 2 Management, then under Generate Access Token, enter a name to give your token and give it read access (write access is not needed) and click Create Token.

  3. You will be presented with your auth token, you must copy this to your clipboard (Ctrl+C keys). In your server's GameUserSettings.ini, find the lines below replacing "TOKEN HERE" with the token we just copied:

    AccessToken=TOKEN HERE

  4. Now you have entered your authentication token, your server is almost ready to start accepting mods.

  5. You must create a custom command line in the Command line Manager and tick BOTH the Mods tick boxes to enable mods.

  6. Specify each mod ID line by line server in Mods.txt


Part 2: Setting up commandline

  1. Click "Commandline Manager"

  2. Select "Edit" next to the custom commandline you created in Part 1

  3. Tick the tick box next to mutators and type one of the "theater" mutators shown below into the text box. You MUST only use one theater mutator. You can also add a "movement" mutator if you desire, again, ONLY one!

    For example: ISMCarmory_Legacy,ISMCHighReady

  4. Make sure you tick the tick boxes next to "map" and "scenario" and specify valid values in the boxes for both.

    If you are unsure what values to use, refer to this: - DO NOT USE CUSTOM MAPS FOR MAP/SCENARIO, it will cause your server to default to 32 slots.

  5. Make sure you specify a value for "ModDownloadTravelTo" If you are not sure what to specify, use the following example:
    To break that down, Oilfield is the map, Scenario_Refinery_Team_Deatchmatch is the Scenario, Lighting=Day specifies daytime lighting and Mutators=ISMCarmory_Legacy determines which ISMC mutator to use so if you want to change the starting map/scenario/lighting/mutator combination, alter that to your desires.

    If you are unsure what values to use, refer to the map/scenario article linked in the step above as well as the mutator values at the bottom of the article.

  6. Press "Save" and make sure the command line is selected.

    Your command line should look something like this:


Part 3: Enjoy!

That's it, all done, enjoy your ISMC Insurgency server.

If you have any problems performing this process, submit a support ticket from your Pingperfect client area, and we will gladly help you get this setup!

The mod has four theater mutators to choose from. PICK ONE:

ISMCarmory_Legacy ISMC guns and NWI cosmetics. Three player classes; blufor, redfor and team leader, with access to both western and eastern weaponry. Has vanilla enemy bots on each side.

ISMC_Casual ISMC guns and ISMC cosmetics. Security maps have you playing as “BluFor” with an AR based set of weapons. Insurgent maps have you playing as “RedFor” with an AK-based set of weapons. Contains all classes, Team Leader, Gunner, Breacher, Marksman, Demolitions and Advisor, and has unlimited class slots. Blufor/Redfor enemy bots.

ISMC_Hardcore Same as ISMC_Casual. Has limited class slots (1 Team Leader, 2 for other classes). 11 Players.

ISMC_Karmacore Same as ISMC_Hardcore. Has one slot per class. Coordinate or die. 5 players.

- Although not recommend; all theater class-slots will scale to 20 players.

- The theaters do not modify bot skill configs.

- The theaters can be played on both insurgent and security maps.

There are now also optional movement mutators. PICK ONE:

ISMCHighReady Vanilla speed but with high-ready, hardcore sprint animations.

ISMCHardcoreMovement 0.7 speed (1.5 sprint) with high-ready, hardcore sprint animations.

ISMCHardcoreMovementNHR Above, but, without hardcore sprint animations.

ISMCKarmacoreMovement 0.7 speed (1.2 sprint) with high-ready, hardcore sprint animations.

ISMCKarmacoreMovementNHR Above, but, without hardcore sprint animations.

Additional mutators which can be applied along side the other mutators:

ISMCJumpShoot Enables jump shoot and jump aiming.

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