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This is only necessary if you want to affect spawning. There are two methods: "Forced" and "Custom Choice". I'll go over both. If you want to affect spawning at all, keep a browser tab open to For the purposes of this, I'm going to be using the Muldraugh large warehouse:

Muldraugh large warehouse

On that website, click "Lock Coords" and click where you want the spawn to be. In my case, it's:

  • Coords: 10629x9312

  • Cell: 35x31,

  • Rel: 129x12.

Forced: This option forces ALL users to join in the exact same location that you specify.

  • In the "Zomboid\Server" directory, edit "servertest.ini"

  • Change the text "SpawnPoint=0,0,0" to "SpawnPoint=10629,9312,0" (Coords from

  • Save the "servertest.ini"

Custom Choice:

This option allows multiple options of spawning when connecting

  • In the "Zomboid\Server" directory, download servertest_spawnpoints.lua to your pc

    • Right-click → Copy → Right-click → Paste

  • Rename "servertest_spawnpoints.lua" → "servertest_warehouse.lua"

  • Edit "servertest_warehouse.lua"

  • Change "worldX", "worldY", "posX", and "posY" so that they are "Cell" and "Rel" based on what was grabbed from

  • So, in this case, the line would look like:

{ worldX = 35, worldY = 31, posX = 129, posY = 12 }

  • Save "servertest_warehouse.lua"

  • Upload it to the Zomboid\Server directory of your server
  • Next edit "servertest_spawnregions.lua"

  • Notice there's a link that says "uncomment the line below to add a custom spawnpoint for this server"

    • To "uncomment", simply remove the two dashes at the beginning of the next line. This will enable the twiggy's bar spawn point.

  • Now, add a new line after the Twiggy's Bar line that is:

{ name = "Muldraugh Large Warehouse", serverfile = "servertest_warehouse.lua" },

  • Save "servertest_spawnregions.lua"

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