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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Return to Castle Wolfenstein Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text-Editor' option next to 'server.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Configuration settings below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.
     // Public Info
    exec public.cfg
    // Server Config
    seta sv_pure 1
    seta com_hunkMegs "1024"
    seta com_soundMegs "32"
    seta com_zoneMegs "32"
    // General Settings (extras)
    seta sv_maxRate "8000" //this overrides the autoexec.cfg setting
    seta g_maxGameClients "0"
    seta g_minGameClients "2"
    seta sv_allowDownload "1" //server must be pure
    seta sv_reconnectlimit "3"
    seta g_forcerespawn "15"
    seta sv_timeout "60" //amount of time before assuming a disconnected state
    seta sv_padPackets "0"
    // General Settings
    seta sv_maxclients "$[Service.Slots]"
    seta sv_privateClients "2"
    seta sv_fps "20"
    seta g_friendlyFire "1"
    seta g_warmup "5"
    seta sv_zombietime "1"
    seta g_inactivity "120"
    // Logs
    seta g_log "logs/games.log"
    seta logfile "1" //console log - 0=no log 1=buffered 2=continuous 3=append
    seta g_logsync "1"
    // Voting
    seta g_allowVote "1"
    seta g_complaintlimit "3"
    // Extras
    seta sv_maxPing "0"
    seta sv_minPing "0"
    seta sv_floodProtect "1"
    seta sv_screenshake "5" //the shaking of the video during explosions
    seta g_voiceChatsAllowed "4"
    // Server Passwords
    seta rconpassword "$[RConPassword]"
    seta sv_privatePassword ""
    // Game Type Settings
    // Set the type of game: 5=Multiplayer 6=Stopwatch 7=Checkpoint
    seta g_gametype "6"
    seta timelimit "20"
    // Game Type Settings (extras)
    seta pmove_fixed "0" //leave this off
    seta pmove_msec "8"
    seta g_smoothClients "1"
    seta g_altStopWatchMode "0"
    // Game Play Default Settings
    seta g_enableBreath "1"
    seta g_complaintlimit "3"
    seta g_gravity "800"
    seta g_knockback "1000"
    seta g_speed "320"
    seta g_weaponRespawn "5"
    seta g_weaponTeamRespawn "15" //respawn time in seconds for team games
    seta dmflags "0" //8 (no falling damage) 16 (fixed FOV) 32 (no footsteps)
    // uncomment to make some of them public
    sets g_gravity "800"
    //sets g_knockback "1000"
    //sets g_speed "320"
    //sets g_weaponrespawn "5"
    //sets g_weaponTeamRespawn "15"
    // Match Settings
    seta g_maxlives "0"
    seta g_doWarmup "1"
    seta g_warmup "10" //10 seconds of free frag time
    // Team Preferences
    seta g_teamAutoJoin "0"
    seta g_teamForceBalance "1"
    seta g_friendlyFire "0"
    seta g_noTeamSwitching "0"
    // Punk Buster
    // Turn it On/Off (ENABLE/DISABLE)
    PB_SV_ENABLE // change to PB_SV_DISABLE to turn off
    // Start the Game Map
    // exec MapRotate.cfg
    exec maps.cfg
    vstr e01
    // Wolf Specific
    // more settings can be found in the .script and .arena files
    // in the maps and scripts directory in the .pk3's. Extract them to
    // the mainmaps mainscripts dir and edit to your delight.
    // The settings listed below WILL NOT stick, given here as an example
    // of what to edit in the maps .script and .arena files
    seta g_bluelimbotime "30000"
    seta g_redlimbotime "40000"
    writeconfig wolfconfig_mp.cfg
    // Banned Players
    seta g_filterBan "1"
    exec banned.cfg

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