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Installing and setting up uMod (Oxide) is a fairly easy and straightforward process at Pingperfect, the following process explains how to do this:


  1. Log into your gamepanel account, open your Hurtworld service and navigate to the 'Mod Manager'.
    1. Inside of the Mod Manager click the 'Install' button next to 'uMod (Oxide 2.0)' - this will then install all necessary files for uMod. (For the legacy version install 'uMod (Oxide) Legacy')
  2. Start/Restart your server to finalise the installation (This will create the oxide folder where you can upload your plugins and configure them).


  1. Head over to uMod's Website and navigate to the plugins section for Hurtworld.
    1. From there choose and download any necessary plugin(s) you want on your service. (Note that some plugins may not work with the Legacy version due to being incompatible)
    2. After clicking download on a plugin you should have downloaded a plugin file ending in '.cs' - this is the file you need to upload to your server.
  2. Once you have the desired plugin(s) head into your gamepanel again and open up "File Manager"
    1. Within the File Manager, navigate into 'oxide/plugins/' - this is the folder where your plugin files (.cs files) will be upload to.
    2. Now inside of the plugins folder, click the 'Upload' button at the top of the File Manager page.
    3. Drag and drop or select your .cs plugin files you just downloaded from uMod and then click 'Upload'.
  3. Now that you have uploaded your plugins to the plugins folder, go back to your gamepanel home and Start your server.
  4. Once the server has started your plugins will be loaded to the game which you should be able to see in the 'Web Console'.


  1. Now that you have uploaded your plugins and started the server, the config files should have been created for your plugins.
  2. To configure your plugins open the 'File Manager'.
    1. Navigate to 'oxide/config' - within this file, you should see the config files for each of the plugins you installed (if the plugins support configuring).
    2. You can then click the 'Edit' button next to the relevant file you wish to edit and make your changes from there.
    3. If you have any trouble configuring the plugin, navigate uMod's Website and navigate to the relevant plugin page for the plugin you're having issues with.

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