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  1. Stop your server.
  2. Click "Mod Manager"
  3. Click "Install" next to " Livemap"


  1. Click "Configuration Files"
  2. Click "Text-Editor" next to "oxide\config\RustIO.json"
  3. Make your desired edits, referring to the table below if unsure what a setting does.
    DO NOT CHANGE THE API KEY - it will be automatically added when you boot up the server.
  4. Press Save in the top left.
  5. Startup your server.
Option Default Description
displayMonuments true Specifies whether the monuments layer is available to all players.
hideSpecificMonuments ["cave", "mountain"] Specifies monuments hidden from the monuments layer.
displayBuildings false Specifies whether the buildings layer is available to all players.
displayMortality true Specifies whether the mortality heat map layer is available to all players.
broadcastChat true Specifies whether chat messages are broadcast to the live map page.
broadcastSpawns true Specifies whether player spawns are broadcast to the live map chat.
broadcastDeaths true Specifies whether player deaths are broadcast to the live map chat.
defaultLanguage "en" Specifies the default language of the live map page for new players.
welcomeMessage "To locate yourself..." Specifies the welcome message on the ingame chat. Setting it to null disables it.
helpMessage "To locate yourself..." Specifies the help message for use with other plugins.
apiKey null Specifies an API key to access the REST API without Steam authentication. When using this, make sure this is a longish and random string that cannot be recovered through bruteforce attacks.
ipOverride null Specifies the IP address to bind to in a proxy-setup.


Viewing the Livemap

To view the livemap, simply click the " Livemap" button in your game panel. A new window will open with the livemap displayed, like this:


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