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DayZ's 1.13 update has changed the way RCon works (Game port + 2 can no longer be used), this will result in RCon not working until you have run our fix.

The Fix:

  1. WARNING: The Steam Update will overwrite your custom .xml files (types.xml, cfgspawnabletypes.xml etc) - this is necessary if you want the new weapons/items introduced in the 1.13 update. If you want to protect your custom.xml files, use the "Update from Steam (Protect MPMissions & C Files) instead.

    Make sure you have updated your server using the "Update your server from Steam" function of the game panel first.

  2. Stop your server.

  3. Go to the "Actions" tab.
  4. Click "Fix 1.13 RCON" this will fix the RCon Port for your service.
  5. RCon will now work successfully. Any problems, contact us via support ticket, and we will gladly assist you.


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