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See the post from the developer's here: https://github.com/SmartlyDressedGames/U3-Docs/blob/master/ServerHostingRules.md

Servers that violate these rules may be temporarily or permanently banned.

Monetization Types

Starting on May 28th warnings will begin getting sent out for breaking this rule, and it will take full effect on June 11th.

Hosts are allowed to sell permanent benefits and monthly subscriptions. Consumable microtransactions are not allowed.

Examples of allowed monetization:

  • Accepting donations.
  • Selling permanent or monthly subscription access to play on the server(s).
  • Selling ranks, kits, unlocks, benefits, etc. available permanently or for the duration of the monthly subscription. Timers or cooldowns are fine.
  • Selling cosmetics like custom skins, name tags, chat colors, etc. available permanently or for the duration of the monthly subscription.
  • Selling services or commissions, for example a modder taking commissions for new content that gets added to the server for all players.

Examples of banned monetization:

  • Selling in-game items like weapons, ammunition, supplies, bases, etc.
  • Selling in-game vehicles.
  • Selling experience points.
  • Selling currency.
  • Selling ranks, kits, unlocks, benefits, etc. which stack with themselves as a loophole.

Monetization Filter

The "Monetization" field in each server's Config.json file defaults to "Unspecified", but can be set to "None" or "NonGameplay". If configuring this field please ensure to be truthful. "None" is for unmonetized or donation-only servers, and "NonGameplay" is for servers with purchases that do not provide a gameplay advantage. Players filtering the server list by "NonGameplay" will also see "None" servers.

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