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Perform the steps in this guide to get your server to download the map mods you want on your server:

  1. Start the server and wait it to download Steam Workshop maps you added earlier. This can take several minutes. After the server has downloaded all the maps stop the server and make sure that it is not running.

  2. Navigate into server install location and go into folder KFGame\Cache\XXX\0\BrewedPC where XXX is the mod ID of the ServerSubscribedWorkshopItems you added earlier. For example (KF-BikiniAtoll):

  3. Identify the map file name (excluding the .kfm extension)
  4. Open the PCServer-KFGame.ini file and identify the map cycle code:

    Add the map to the map cycle code, for example:

    Set the bUseMapList value to true - This sets the server to use a custom map list you specify instead of the entire default map list.
    Set the GameLength to the number of rounds per game you desire - This sets the number of rounds per game. 0 → {short, 4 rounds} 1 → {normal, 7 rounds} 2 → {long, 10 rounds}

  5. Save the file and startup your server.

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