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Install all the mods that follow using our "Steam Workshop" game panel function - How To: Install & Update Mods (Steam Workshop)

  1. Select the "Mods" or "DZSALauncher" (if you use DZSALauncher that is) commandline and enter the following into the 'Mods' field:
    @Namalsk Island;@Namalsk Survival

  2. Using an FTP program such as FileZilla, Accessing your Files | File Manager | FTP, navigate to the following directory on your server: \@Namalsk Survival\Extras

    Once inside of this folder you will then need to navigate into either the Hardcore or Regular folder (this refers to the difficulty), inside of these folders you will find a folder named '<difficulty>.namalsk', for example 'hardcore.namalsk'.

    Download the desired mission folder to your PC.

  3. Using FTP again, navigate to the following directory: \mpmissions

    Once in the mpmissions directory upload the mission folder you downloaded in the last step into this directory, it should look a little like this..

  4. Select "Configuration Files" → Click "Configuration Editor" next to serverDZ.cfg - this will allow you to edit your server config file to change the mission (map) that's being run.

  5. Where it says Mission: change that to either hardcore.namalsk or regular.namalsk (depending on what you would like to play) - then save the file in the top left, for example:

    Configuration Editor:

    Text Editor:

  6. You can now start up your server.


Success! You have installed and configured your server to run Namalsk!

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