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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Minecraft Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Configuration Editor' option next to 'server.properties'
  3. Refer to the Configuration settings below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

General Settings

MOTD - MOTD is short for Message of the day, though the player does not need to change it every day. The MOTD is displayed when people join the server.

Difficulty - Sets the difficulty of the world.

Hardcore - If set to true, server difficulty is ignored and set to hard and players are set to spectator mode if they die.

Enable Whitelist - With a whitelist enabled, users not on the whitelist cannot connect. Intended for private servers, such as those for real-life friends or strangers carefully selected via an application process, for example.
Note: Ops are automatically whitelisted, and there is no need to add them to the whitelist.

World Settings

Level Type - Determines the type of map that is generated.

Max Build Height - The maximum height allowed for building. Terrain may still naturally generate above a low height limit. 256 is the maximum possible, it also has to be a multiple of 8.

Allow Nether - Allows players to travel to the Nether.
false - Nether portals do not work.
true - The server allows portals to send players to the Nether.

Generate Structures - Defines whether structures (such as villages) can be generated.
false - Structures are not generated in new chunks.
true - Structures are generated in new chunks.
Note: Dungeons still generate if this is set to false.

Spawn NPCs - Determines whether villagers can spawn.
true - Enabled. Villagers spawn.

false - Disabled. No villagers.

Spawn Monsters - Determines if monsters can spawn.
true - Enabled. Monsters appear at night and in the dark.
false - Disabled. No monsters.
This setting has no effect if difficulty = 0 (peaceful). If difficulty is not = 0, a monster can still spawn from a spawner.
If the player has major lag, it is recommended to turn this off/set to false.

Spawn Animals - Determines if animals can spawn.
true - Animals spawn as normal.
false - Animals immediately vanish.
If the player has major lag, it is recommended to turn this off/set to false.


Player Settings

Gamemode - Sets the game mode for new players.

Allow Flight - Allows users to use flight on the server while in Survival mode, if they have a mod that provides flight installed.
With allow-flight enabled, griefers may become more common, because it makes their work easier. In Creative mode, this has no effect.
false - Flight is not allowed (players in air for at least 5 seconds get kicked).
true - Flight is allowed, and used if the player has a fly mod installed.

Enable PVP - Enable PvP on the server. Players shooting themselves with arrows receive damage only if PvP is enabled.
true - Players can kill each other.
false - Players cannot kill other players (also known as Player versus Environment (PvE)).
Note: Indirect damage sources spawned by players (such as lava, fire, TNT and to some extent water, sand and gravel) still deal damage to other players.

View Distance - The maximum allowed view distance in number of chunks.
The maximum allowed view distance.
Higher values have performance impact.


Admin Settings

Enable RCON - Enables remote access to the server console.

Broadcast RCON to OPs - Send rcon console command outputs to all online operators.

Broadcast Console to OPs - Send console command outputs to all online operators.


Advanced Settings

Enable Command - Block Enables command blocks

Snooper Enabled - Sets whether the server sends snoop data regularly to http://snoop.minecraft.net.
false - disable snooping.
true - enable snooping.

Network Compression Threshold - Do not change if you don't understand the following as it may degrade server performance
By default, it allows packets that are n-1 bytes big to go normally, but a packet of n bytes or more gets compressed down. So, a lower number means more compression but compressing small amounts of bytes might actually end up with a larger result than what went in.
-1 - disable compression entirely

0 - compress everything
Note: The Ethernet spec requires that packets less than 64 bytes become padded to 64 bytes. Thus, setting a value lower than 64 may not be beneficial. It is also not recommended to exceed the MTU, typically 1500 bytes.

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